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Zoe/Zoh Talon

Zoe is the main character of 'EarS?, she is 18 years old. Zoe is a relatively un-opinionated girl, she listens alot to others and seems to be a pacifist. She lives with Mairie and a pet cat named Snickers. She goes to a local college with friends Usa and Cherry (mentioned in chp2-pg16) but soon finds that her passiveness and lack of memory before the age of 8 is linked with a mysterious young man....


Vingo is a mysterious young man who comes to Zoe's village, he is 23 years old. Vin is somehow connected with Zoe's lack of memory and he is -very- upbeat and playful despite the fact that there is a dark lingering secret catching up with him...


Mairie is an incredibably grumpy, controlling but caring personality. She likes to know where everything is in her life, including finances -- rather Zoe's rent money. She makes Zoe pay rent despite Mai having a safeguard bank account full of money, to ensure that Zoe can live comfortably in case anything ever happens to her. Mairie is definately in her 20's, she likes to keeps her age a secret, as some people wonder why such a young girl would adopt the eight year old, seemingly unresponsive, Zoe.


Tero is Vingo's younger and smarter brother. His age is unknown, but he seems to be at least 4 years younger than Vingo, possibly Zoe's age.He is very secretive about Vin's current condition and the past events involving Zoe and the world she came from. He is very smart, but isn't considered the most wise and tends to blame others when his isn't given the right information (for example, he did not known that knocking Vingo out would cause him to loose control of his powers (especially as it being to unexpected) whereas Zephan knew.)


Zephan is definately a few years old than Vingo at least, he is wise and patient, but likes to enforces the rules that Zoe's mother, the Empress places down to protect their world and all other worlds surrounding. Zephan also seems to be able to control the 'liquid' element, such as water, like Vingo. However, he is cautious of Vingo using his powers. Could there be something that Zephan want Vingo's powers to be kept secret from?

Zoe's mysterious older sister... is she alive, or is she dead?

Side Characters

Claudia Serilgrove

Claudia is Zoe's Boss, she is the owner of SerilGrove Salon, aged 34 and she also employs Chapleigh, who is the main hairstylist other than Claudia. She is hardworking but friendly.

Chapleigh Stevens

An employee of SerilGrove Salon, and a stern follower of Claudia and sees himself, as the second oldest (being 28) and a great stylist, as the second in command -- therefore likes to push Zoe around. Although, he is not mean, he clearly feels that the business should be a strong one, to survive.

Mary (Ol' Lady)

Despite being a side character, Mary raises a few good points in the story -- like, in chp1, she compares Zoe to a poodle, also, she gives Vingo good advice later on in the story...

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