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Thankyuu so much! My heart is so warmed from all these fanarts <3
Aishiteru Minna-san, arigatou gozaimasu. Shiawase da!


This wonderful piece was drawn my a good friend from DA,I want to be Zoe in Vin's arms right now, talk about hawt <3 thankyou Moon-Chan!
The very first 'EarS?' fanart! x> Moon, you gots the cutest ever style! *glomp*


Now, this I adore. I love her expression and her head-bow!Thankies Magge! A delicious piece of sweetness! The dress is perfect.

t3hmusicbox drewed this! Weeee, I love it so! The style is just sooo awesome <33333 She looks just so cute! Also, drew a parody comic.OMIGAWD ISSo funneh!!!! xD Its wonderful, and damn girl, you can draw guys all hawt like >3 It made me squeek and laugh every time I look at it! xP

Bloomygirl315 a.k.a Liahona on DA drew this, its just so wonderful! This is such a fantastic trad.art work, the forms of Vin and Zoe are just so sweet and chibi-like, a sweet innocence, that I cannot portray.

I feel really really spoilt with all these fanarts!!! Really spoilt! You guys have overfed me with fuzzles. >3

Arwym Starlight drew this awesome piece, I adore this because its not often that you see traditional art, I regret changing to digital, even though its convenient, it lacks dimensions that only traditional can provide.<3

sappylovestory made this uber cute pixel art 83 I love pixel art sooooo much, made me melt on the spot!

E.Redemption maded this, tis of sexy Zephan. I. LOVE. YOU. xP I cried when I saw this. (^3^)~

Iced Aura drew this, I love it! The poses are so confident, and so nicely linearted!Amazing cute dress Zoe has, and Vin.....he just looks sexy! <(*-*)> ~ dazzled!

Kiana Wolf made another parody of Chapter 2, Page 18!

Thanks loads Moon! Two pictures, uwah! So cute!!

Moon, I srsly love yuu <33

omg COSPLAY! DaintyAssassin got her hair cut all cute like Zoe!!! I cried again when I saw this >w<

Eee! Its another Vingo picture! I love it. Drawn by the illustrious-awesomeness ,Sea-Sapphire you beautiful person, you. xP

heee hee drawn by Mysti! I love you girl!

lulz x3 I love you guys. I really do. *snort*

Thankyou Tia! I think you did a great job!!!

Thankyou Bleepa OMIGOSH!!! This is just so cute, and I love your style! >3< Weeeeee!

Omigosh! So cute! Ignore the 'crappy sketches bit!, its not true!!! From the lovely GothicVampireGirl!!

<3 thankyuuu soo much Arwym! I'm glad you like my comic so much! I'm chuffed that peeps would like something I've made so much as to draw fanart! ilu ;3

This is where the contest entries (Oct-Dec2007) are held. Wewt!

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